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Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta

Kmy Kmo, formerly a part of rap trio Nukilan (where he went by the stage name Agenda), has been a singer, lyricist, song composer & recording artist since 2003. Kmy’s achievements as a recording artist include being nominated in the Best Genre Bender category in Vima Asia (2013), performing at Tempatan Fest in Teluk Cempedak, Tempatan Fest Ipoh, and Jom Heboh Johor Bahru.

Kmy was also a composer and lyricist in ‘Bukan Mudah’ with hip hop legend Malique Ibrahim, and was a featured artist in Malique’s album, ‘TKO’. Kmy was also a lyricist and song composter for the OST of the film Usin UFO (Halusinasi), and Salute Malaysia.

Luca Sickta started in the Malaysian music industry in 2013, and has since been the music director for many local artists and OST tracks, most recently, the OST for Bukan Cinta Malaikat, directed by Aziz M Osman.

His past work includes the OST for Isteri Untuk Abang Long and Bedah Oh Bedah, by Suhaimi Lua, Married Tapi Benci by Ahmad Idham, and the album The Fabulous Cats Vol. 1. In 2015, Luca was also the in-house sound engineer for Qarma Musiq by hip hop legend Malique Ibrahim.

As a recording artist, he released the solo single Jakun Dengan Mimpi in 2016, and has performend at Tempatan Fest Shah Alam (2017) , DCODE Konsert Gegaran Melaka (2016), and has been nominated for Artis Lelaki Paling Hot by HotFM.

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